Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Saturday was an... interesting... day

I started last weekend thinking that this would be THE WEEKEND OF THE PAINTING OF THE FRONT STOOP!!!

Fate had it another way. But I did manage to paint the front door.

Before - this looked worse in person
The blue paint looked dull and the brass hardware was majorly rusted

After - this looks better in person 
I was hoping for a little more color difference between the black paint 
and oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint, but overall does look much more cleaned up!

As for my weekend:

Remove all the hardware
Spray hardware with Rustoleum's Oil-Rubbed-Bronze
Let hardware dry 
Paint the front door
Replace all hardware
Call it a day
Paint the stoop on Sunday

Remove some hardware
Get stuck removing the doorplate with lock attached
Change plans and try to put lock back together FAST!!!
Lose random screw inside locking mechanism
Call locksmith
Delay painting because I don't want the locksmith to get covered in paint
Locksmith comes, all is restored $140 later...
Line the surrounding area with plastic and spray paint the lock directly on the door 
Wait for it to dry
Paint the door
Replace other pieces of hardware
Pass out on couch for 2 hours
Wake up and force John to accompany me to Lowe's
Realize at Lowe's I forgot the blue cement piece I need to match for tomorrow's project!!
Realize I have a sore throat!!!
Wake up Sunday am with excruciating pain in my throat and a 101 degree fever!!!!
Miss most of work this week thinking I have strep throat (I don't)

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