Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well, that was interesting...

Hurricane Irene struck last night. Aside from some moments of Weather Channel-induced paranoia and anxiety, we made it out pretty much unscathed. This morning we ventured down the block to take some photos of the over-flowing Passaic:

holy $#!+

That's the first floor door in the bottom center.
This is a boat club house, but I fear for the residential homes down the block that were out of our view.

We drive down this street almost everyday, never saw anything like this in the two years we've been here...

Look at the stop sign and road signs - almost covered with water!

These photos are literally only a block away from our house - however we are on a pretty high hill.

A neighbor said the only other time this happened was after Hurricane Floyd (1999). So I think we are pretty safe in our home up the hill. Feel so sorry for the folks who now have extensive damage to their homes.

Hope everyone out there managed to stay safe with minimal property damage!

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