Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The secret of jet lag

I was in China last week. Arrived back home on Saturday.
I slept awesomely on schedule through Tuesday morning.
Til the wee hours of Wednesday, when my body kicked into FULL GEAR.

I was ready to throw on my sneakers and run for a FEW HOURS.
My heart was racing!

NO JOKE. It was 1:30am.

It always snags me on Wednesday.


The kicker was I didn't want to disturb John's sleep.

So I hung out on the couch in the living room.
I set my phone alarm to 7am, in case I actually, you know...

But I forgot one crucial step.

I left the phone on vibrate.
And slept until 8:15am!

I accidentally heard the phone vibrate.

John was going to be home from the gym any minute.

And I had a train to catch!

On the way racing to the train, I realized that the AC was left on downstairs

I made John turn around, and raced into the house to turn it off.
He dropped me at the train at exactly 8:45, the train was pulling in!
I was so proud of myself - I made it!

But wait!

I had to call John because I accidentally grabbed his bag and was about to bring it to work with me!

The train is in the station! Next train doesn't come through for 30 minutes!
What to do?

He picked me up and drove me to another station.

He was late to work because of my stupidity.
He is also the greatest husband.

Love you, babe.


The secret of jet lag?

It rears it's ugly head 4 days later.
It has nothing to do with being tired when you're supposed to be awake.

It doesn't let you sleep.

That's real jet lag.

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