Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm having significant issues making decisions without the help of Photoshop

We have a problem. After an especially icy winter, our front steps look like this:
Items in image appear worse in real life

I've been scared that cement contractors would tell me the entire structure was unstable and that we should tear the whole thing out and start from scratch for, like, a million dollars. This guy was over yesterday, and he was whacking the stairs, trying to determine -- what, the shakiness? Anyway, he recommended the following solutions:

1) patch with cement - $600
2) add limestone treads and patch remaining areas - $1200

He explained in further detail - since the stairs are 14" deep, we would need a 15" piece of limestone to fill in the appropriate amount (14" deep step plus 1" overhang). Trouble is, the pieces of limestone only come in 8", 10", 12" and 24", so we would need the 24" cut down to size. Yes, that would make it pricier. As usual, everything in our house is an "odd size" that needs "custom" materials. Yes, yes, I get it.

To be completely honest, I think the $1200 is a fairly reasonable amount of money to spend on new, quality, steps. I notice everyone in our town has limestone, so I know it will last and give the house much better curb appeal, etc, etc. So I was thinking maybe we should do it. Definitely better than just patching, and much, much less than the cost of tearing everything out and starting from scratch.


But I have a problem now!!! A domino effect, if you will...
This is Photoshopped

What is this? Blue cement risers? What the eff? Seriously?

Do I have to paint the entire foundation of my house to make this look better? Do I have to paint the entire foundation and also fill in limestone on the top stoop and side pieces of the stairs?

See exhibit A:
The. Entire. Foundation. Of. Our. House. Is. Painted. Blue.

Please someone tell me what to do?!?!?

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  1. cover the ENTIRE stoop with the limestone and maybe some other type of stone for the vertical portion - don't worry about the rest of the foundation or you can cover just the front foundation under the sunroom windows with the same stone used on the vertical portion of the steps - do i make myself clear?