Saturday, February 12, 2011

Screen Project

Our contractor mentioned the other day that he had some Indonesian-style folding screens. (Or maybe they are Indian? I don't know - I googled both and they both returned pretty much the same results.) Anyway, he had them for a long time and never did anything with them, and he was clearing out his garage and about to throw them out and offered them to us.

Here they are, in our basement:

As you can see, the center one is the only one intact. The one to the left is missing a top "arm"(?), the one on the right is missing a leg... and the one on the floor is cut in half (but it is broken along the joint, so it would be seamless to put back together.

John wants to put it all together as a working screen. I really like that idea... but I keep thinking about this big blank wall in our living room that has been really bugging me lately:

I am thinking about losing one of the screens and mounting the three best screens together in a row, so it would look like this Photoshop mock-up:
(We will eventually get a new couch in a toned-down color, also some new pillows, so use your imagination)

John also had the idea that the screens would look really awesome sprayed silver, so I mocked that up too:
Me likey! What do you think? Mounted to the wall or made into a traditional folding screen? Spray painted? What color?

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  1. Talk about an ugly dust collector.

    Way too busy. Put up a couple of paintings - one from you and one from Jen.