Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Year Houseversary

This past weekend marks the one year anniversary since we bought the house and started tearing it apart.

It's been the year of SURFACES. Floors were sanded and/or replaced and stained. Walls were painted. Trim was painted. Bathroom surfaces were completely ripped out and replaced (Floor, walls, fixtures). Lawns were reseeded. Plants planted.

Let me recap where we stand:

Front of the house:
What we did: Planted grass and added some plants under the front window. Hopefully next spring everything will fill in nicely.
Still to do: tear out that annoying tree (unknown variety) and the gigantic hemlock that is balancing precariously to the right of the house. (I'm usually against tree removal, however these are real doozies).

What we did: All the wood floors were re-done. The downstairs floor unfortunately needed to be replaced completely since the tongue-and-grooves were really worn down in spots. The upstairs floor was in perfect condition for re-finishing:
gunked-up before photos equal a perfectly refinished after, as below right:

What we did: We painted the radiator cover and the walls. This isn't even a before - more like "midway" and "after midway".
Still to do: replace lighting fixture. (Please!)

Living Room:
What we did: Floors and paint done. Painted the brick of the fireplace.
Still to do: tackle the built-in shelves (paint and display!) also get the fireplace working. And a cozy rug and new coffee table would be extra nice.

Front room / Sun Room / Office:
What we did: Floors and paint done.
Still to do: replace cheapy canvas blinds with different cheapy, yet thermal blinds. Paint desk and replace desktop. A rug and chaise lounge would be nice in here. We need a custom radiator cover made.

Dining Room:
What we did: Floors and Paint done.
Still to do: new dining table and chairs. Drapery!

That which will not be named. Nor seen. Needs to be gutted, walls ripped down. EVERYTHING REPLACED.

Staircase and Woodwork:
What we did: Half painted trim.
Still to do: Finish priming and painting entire wall of staircase. Peel wallpaper and paint back wall along staircase.

Upstairs hallway:
What we did: Floors and paint done. DONE.
before and after - different view (whoops should take a new photo with new floor)

Our Bedroom:
What we did: Floors and paint done. New bed, check.
Still to do: Ok for now, pending future trips to Home Goods.

Guest Room:
What we did: Floors and paint done. Bed inside.
Still to do: Ok for now, pending future trips to Home Goods.

What we did: Everything.
Still to do: Curtains, accessories.

I want to take a moment to thank you all for reading this blog. I hope you find it entertaining. We really enjoy every second we spend in our home (whether drooling in front of the tv or brushing away cobwebs in the basement) and we're looking forward to all the projects we have on our to-do list in the coming year! But thank you thank you to everyone, I love reading the comments you leave - keep them coming!

Because I love to talk!

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  1. amy -- gorgeous, and so wonderful to see it all at once. you have both skills and patiences (which I lack : ) )