Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Laundry Room Dreaming

I just made a list called "Important Goals for the House to be Completed This Coming Winter."

Funny that the words "laundry" or "basement" do not appear anywhere on said list.

However, we always want what we can't have, right? So instead of, say, priming the living room bookcases, or searching fabric stores for chair recovering materials, or even running to the store to buy more 9 Volts to replace the ones in our chirping smoke detector, I spent my evening thinking about what to do in my fantasy basement laundry nook. (Because even in my wildest fantasies, my laundry nook is in my basement?)

Clockwise from top left:
- I have a slop sink - one that needs replacing, but working nontheless - I would love to make a skirt out of this cute material (stolen from an Anthropologie curtain)
- I own a bar step stool chair circa 1950s - it is begging me to be recovered, polished, and sprayed in a cute pop color like the one pictured
- Of course we would need to throw in some useful laundry items, like this sorter and some wooden hangers (my laundry fantasy includes using only wooden hangers throughout the house!)
- Mrs Meyers lavender detergent - you smell so good!
- Baskets for organizing and hiding things on my shelves
- A cute new ironing board cover in a pop yellow print
- A comfy new rug to cover the cement floor
- A sewing kit for repairs (how June Cleaver of me) and while we're at it, I might tuck a shoe polish kit into one of the baskets (see what I'm doing here?)
- And the washer and dryer. I own them, so the most important items are checked off my list! (And therein lies the problem - since the most important item is the only item REALLY needed, I will most likely go a long long time before running off to Ikea to buy baskets for the basement laundry shelves) (if ever).

p.s. I know I promised some bathroom progress photos. We have sconces! And mirrors to install! And marble floors to scrub! And shopping! shopping! hurray! However extreme laziness took over my body on Saturday to the point that I was utterly useless, and doing anything more complicated than sitting on the couch and watching tv was out of the question. Even calling the electrician proved to be a task to hot to handle. So this weekend, ok?

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