Thursday, October 14, 2010

Making Cents Out of Sense - or some other stupid phrase

I've always had this aspiration to have a huge glass bottle in my home to use as a piggy bank. So you can imagine how disproportionately thrilled I was to find this gigunda glass bottle in John's grandparents garage:
The conversation was something like this:

Me - "Oh!!! Look at this!! Can we take it?"
Him - "Yeah, I guess."
Me - "Oh, this is so great! I've always wanted a huge glass bottle!"
Him - "Ok"
Me - "We can put all our change in it! It would be the greatest thing ever to happen to us! When I was little my friend Jordan had one, I remember counting the change! We rolled all the money! It was insanely great!!"
Him - "My grandparents filled one with coins and it was so heavy, that when they moved it, it broke"
Me - "Oh... okay, well we better take it anyway, we can put something else in it!!"

Not. I am so putting change in it!
But my plan is to empty it once a year to spend during vacations only.

I thought that was a good compromise - so I can get my change bottle, and we can enjoy the money together, and he can rest calmly knowing that we (literally) won't break the bank.


  1. Ah, the minute I saw the big glass water bottle, it brought back memories of tossing in coins each night. We did what you're planning to do--empty it once a year for vacations. And believe it or not, it usually held several hundred dollars--we called it "play money."
    But alas, the bottom did fall out one time when we let it get too heavy, so beware of that!

  2. That is so funny you used it for the same thing! I usually keep a smaller container and empty it 2-3 times a year and it is easily over $100 each time, so I believe it could be a nice amount of money every summer vacation! Now that I know 2 people who let it get too heavy, I'll watch it carefully.

  3. Amy--
    You can fill it as much as you want. When you want to empty it, put a rug or blanket beside it and gently lie it down and lift from the bottom to pour out the coins. It won't break unless you pick it up by the neck of the bottle and carry it somewhere. It should last for years if you "baby" it!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the advice :)

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