Monday, September 6, 2010


These are John's Pop's World War II patches, pins and ID tag. We've kept them in a zip-lock bag in the bottom drawer of a nightstand dresser for the past year. I've been wanting to do something special with them since they are a piece of history (both national as well as familial).

And the zip-lock bag was just not cutting it.

So I bought a shadowbox frame at Target.

(Side note - I am the queen, the absolute ruler of the universe of people who say they are going to frame something, and never get around to it. So actually buying the frame was like a giant leap for mankind. Fast forward a few months later to now...)

I bought a piece of black board, cut it to size and added a few Glue Dots to hold in place.

Next I started fooling around with the layout of the patches...

When I was satisfied with the layout, I began, one at a time, adding Glue Dots to the back of each patch and pressing into place...
I just discovered Glue Dots while on line at Michael's yesterday. Did I mention they are amazing??

For the ID tag and key chain, I hammered a small hole through the board and added a couple of paper fasteners...


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  1. Looks great! Might have to try something similar for my FIL's memorabilia...thanks!