Sunday, August 1, 2010

Living Room Sort-of Progress

So we made a trip to Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Home Goods yesterday. Our goal was to find a bathroom mirror and a full-length mirror for our bedroom. No luck with that!

However, we did score a few other goodies for the living room...

These sweet crewel-work pillows - the longer rectangle shaped ones came from Home Goods, the square shaped pillows we found at Marshalls - I guess it really pays to check all the stores:

And these things - I'm not even sure what they are! I think you're supposed to put candles in them. But I like things that are ceramic and I like any kind of cut-out designs. Note the quatrefoil design on the charcoal piece:

So I put everything in place in the living room:

In the process I've learned a few things:

Lesson # 1 - if I find something awesome for our home, I should get two of them. Especially at such an affordable price. Symmetry, baby.

Lesson # 2 - I'm glad I'm sticking to a pretty neutral color palette throughout our home. I realized in this process that many of the other accessories shown in the photos were taken from other rooms. I actually intended for all this stuff to go in the bedroom, but when I got home I realized that the living room was in such a sorry state. These items were just the things needed to brighten this room up. Next time I go shopping, I'll look for a whole set of accessories in a different color palette and then I'll rotate everything again.

p.s. I'm still considering painting the bookshelves and doors white. I'm also thinking about getting a slip-cover for the chestnut-colored couch in a more neutral linen color. I usually don't care for slip-covers but the color of this couch is killing me!

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