Sunday, July 11, 2010

Keeping cool, keeping warm

We really need better window coverage and insulation in our front office/sunroom.
These shades have seen better days

(Also ignore the naked radiator and ugly fan, both on my to-do list)

Seven gigantic, 84 year-old, single-paned windows really start to wear you down in the winter time. Yes I'm crazy to be thinking about freezing temperatures when it's been about 100 degrees Fahrenheit the past 2 weeks, but I think better insulation might even give us an edge over the sweltering heat.

I'm considering these from JCPenney. I'm usually not a JCPenney kind of gal. But... the prices are just so great! And all I really need is something that insulates better and looks neater than the existing tattered shades.
Photo from JCPenney website. I would get the white version, because it's more sun-roomy

The downside is that the reviews range from "these are the most awesome window shades in the universe" to "I hope these window shades burn in hell". Yeah, like most things on the internet.

Anybody have any luck out there with JCPenney window shades? Should I buy one and see how it works out before committing to seven of them?

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  1. I think you should consider a color - since the windows are drafty the winter soot won't show up as easy on a color - i do like the brown.