Sunday, April 11, 2010

Floor time

We are finally getting the second floor wood floors done this week!

Right now our bedroom floor looks ok, but it has an orange-y sheen that just isn't doing it for me:

Then there is our guest bedroom floor, which looks it might have, at one time, been a nice, finished floor, but now looks a little sorry:

Last comes our third bedroom, a grimy old mess:

It also doesn't help that the thresholds between all the rooms have been long gone, leaving behind a rainbow of wood finishes in each doorway:
The guest bedroom and third bedroom both had carpeting when we moved in. Our floor guy reassured us that the grimy mess left underneath the carpeting actually protected the wood floor from wear and tear and therefore will make for an easy sanding and refinishing.

So unlike the first floor, which received heavy foot traffic over the past 80 years, and required a new layer of oak (here and here), our second floor should be a much less invasive procedure.

It is kind of painful to have to pack everything up and move out of our bedroom for the next few days, but I think it will be well worth it! Will update with "after" pictures as soon as I can!

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