Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bathroom - Part 4 - To-do list / baby steps

The bathroom has gone through a wild transformation, but obviously we aren't close to being finished yet! 

To do:

-- Install overhead light cover and shower light cover - surely John and I can figure out something as simple as this!
-- We (I) recently realized that we'd (I'd) be a couple of idiots to do a complete gut bathroom renovation without replacing the circa '70s ugly chipped-film window. The problems with this window go beyond anything a white coat of paint can fix. So we're off to Lowes, hopefully sometime this week to deal with this issue.
-- Paint the walls (the ceilings are miraculously done and the walls are primed and ready to go!). I would paint the walls this weekend if we could settle on a color. I'm hoping for a grey-ish color, but not sure how light or dark to go.  We'll see.
-- Next we'll re-assess the bathroom door situation. Our current door is original, except sometime, probably in the '70s or so, someone thought it would be a good idea to add a sheet of plastic laminate (in a dark wood finish) to the back side of the door. It is U-G-L-Y with a capital U! We are lucky enough to have a couple of extra doors in the shed and I think one of them can be fit to the bathroom door, but of course since it's been in the shed for a long long time, it needs a good sanding and/or paint thinning to take care of the crackling finish.
-- After another round of credit card bill resuscitation, we'll hit the floor next. So I'll place an order for the marble tiles around the end of January (again this is all in my dreams, so we'll see what actually happens!) I'm hoping the GC who does the floor tile will be able to also install new woodwork around the window and door to match the rest of the house. At this point we may also want to consider adding a marble saddle in the doorway, and trim around the floor.
-- A radiator cover is a must - that thing gets hot! I think our local hardware has someone who can custom make these covers - score!
-- At this point we'll be ALMOST done- except for 2 of the most important items! We have to put in an order for a sink vanity/console. The Pottery Barn one I pictured in another post may be too deep for the space, but I've found a similar option online, so I have to do a little research into it.  We already have a brand spanking new toilet, it just needs installation!
-- Now we'll just need to deal with the decorative items - including the sink mirror, wall sconces, shower curtain, towel hooks, towel bars, and some kind of storage cabinet that will hopefully fit into the nook above the toilet.

I'm out of breath just making this list. But baby steps people, baby steps...

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